What’s in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Why Businesses Need SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint 2013 is defining a new way to work together with a simplified user experience and enhanced social capabilities, which make it easier to share ideas and keep up to date with what your colleagues are working on. The most exciting areas for improvement are SharePoint apps, search and social & collaboration, cloud, web content management, enterprise content management.  It introduces new ways to share, sync, communicate and organize people and content within your organization.

SharePoint Server 2013 has been optimized for the way people work, providing people with a familiar, consistent view of information, collaboration, and process, and [...]

Taking your business into digital

digital transformation by ebiz solutions

Digital solutions have being growing at a great pace. E-commerce is growing at space than other areas United States, European countries, India, and China. Recently 2 e-commerce sites in India have been acquired at huge amounts. People are taking to e-commerce sites for buying, comparing products and pricing. Businesses need to take advantage of this momentum, and should not wait and experiment but rather transform themselves into digital businesses. Most the companies are still trying to experiment and slowing the process. Six months ago I was asked to help to build a growth strategy for a local [...]