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Project Description

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Mission: To provide the most innovative and complete sales and marketing platform, backed by the best service and support in the business, to enable maximum ROI and growth for small and mid-sized businesses.

  • GreenRope is a SaaS-based, comprehensive business operations platform including Intelligent CRM, Automation, Marketing and Sales.
  • Combining sales, marketing, and operations into a single platform, GreenRope inspires collaboration with clients, vendors, and employees.
  • GreenRope mission is to save time, money and improve revenue of its clients by integrating contact data, CRM, email marketing thus making their marketing and sales more efficient and effective.


The Need

GreenRope wanted CRM Gadget to integrate into Gmail for the following reasons.

  • Access GreenRope information in real time using Gmail.
  • View and even update contact details using Gmail.
  • Create and edit all GreenRope contacts from Gmail.


Our Solution

  • Design and develop Gmail Gadget which can bring Greenrope data directly into Gmail intergace.
  • Post Gmail integration with GreenRope, client can now view/edit their existing data, record emails, log calls and activity history.
  • Manage their contacts.
  • Last but not the least create new accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.



  • View all the open activities as well as CRM activities history.
  • Check related opportunities.
  • Create new events or attendance from emails.
  • Create new projects or tasks using Gmail.
  • Manage contacts and leads right from the Gmail interface
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