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 Wingman Legal Tech IT Service
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Established in the year 2005, Wingman Legal Tech is a law firm specialized in offering services in Southern California with a mission to provide technology solutions that enable Law Firms to operate successfully.

At Wingman Legal Tech we understand the needs of your Law Firm. We understand that in order for your legal practice to serve your clients you need specialized IT Services for law firms such as Practice Management, Communication, Data Protection, and IT Support.


The Need

  • The client is a leading IT service provider for law firms.
  • At Wingman Legal Tech clients can enjoy the following services:
  • Solutions tailored for Solo’s and Small Firms
  • Trusted Team
  • Get the confidence to work from anywhere


Our Solution

  • Effective leads,Contacts and Accounts management
  • Effective campaigns and ROI calculation
  • Improve productivity with access to your cases from the Internet.
  • Accurate billing and time tracking with integrations
  • Easily and securely communicate with clients
  • Seamless integration and setup with no infrastructure investment
  • Sensitive data stays safe and secure



  • We successfully deployed Sugar CRM as a result of which Wingman Legal Tech teamed up with Clio, an online Practice Management Tool that gives Law Firms the ability to manage their cases, documents, billing, invoicing, and much more. Company was able to manage and covert leads effectively after integrating Sugar with their Clio.


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