Mobile Apps & Websites

Mobile is slowly yet changing our world. The information ecosystem is in a transition period and is getting mobilized. In many businesses, more and more people are abandoning traditional internet access like desktops and laptops to mobile gadgets. Mobile strategy has increasingly become a part of sales strategy to sustain in this competitive world.

eBiz Solutions have a track record in designing mobile strategy solutions to our clients. We would discover where your business stands on the mobile strategy journey and help you build consensus in your business during its mobile transformation period. We would get to know your customers initially, investigate their needs, wants and goals and accordingly design a mobile strategy that ticks your customers as well as your business. We would define meaningful mobile strategies that would specify your business needs and deliver the implementation plan that creates a great positive impact on your business.

eBiz Solutions offers solutions in

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile UX
  • Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Native Apps

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous with many people and more importantly; people are not talking but accessing information online. From researching to checking emails and also making purchasing decisions, people are doing everything through their mobile devices. This means that more of your customers are accessing information about your business through your website, content or e-newsletters on mobile. This emerging trend has been noticed by business world and hence native apps came into existence and we are on a cutting edge of native apps ever since it’s beginning.

We work with enterprise mangers and business owners to design, create and implement native apps at affordable rates. We develop native apps that integrate seamlessly with your mobile’s operating device so as to provide information faster. We create user-friendly interface with appropriate functionality to create a global exposure for your business. Whether developing a customized native application or delivering your website to mobile site framework, our team of dedicated professionals would create successful native apps to increase user activity and draw more and more customers to your business.

Hybrid Apps

Major software programs and websites have restructured or compressed into small applications that are operated on mobile devices. Hybrid Apps provide the great advantages of web and native technologies in a single application. In simple words, a hybrid app is nothing but a native app that is operating in a web browser. These apps seamlessly integrate the web content and also add web features to allow flexibility for mobile apps. And now, with eBiz Solutions, you can develop a hybrid business app without even coding. Although there are many types of other applications in the market and it might seem bit confusing, it is often useful to discuss these options with a professional and highly experienced application developer, like eBiz Solutions.

Whether you wish to create an app for empowering your business revenue stream or drive customer loyalty, our experts would assist you in every step that best suit your needs.

Mobile Websites

People are looking into your business website from multiple devices. However, when people view your website on mobile, your website element might not translate as good as your desktop computer. Our mobile development professionals have a widespread experience in mobile site framework. We create mobile websites that has user-friendly layout on mobile devices for browsing your content. We offer highly effective web design services so as to help you reach scattered target audiences. These mobile web designs can be accessed from different browser dimensions that range from large screens to small screens. We ensure that our mobile web design for your company allows the user to enjoy a good browsing experience using optimized graphics, minimum scrolls etc. Our team of qualified and diligent web designers keep themselves updated of current technologies that are at par with any other mobile web.

Mobile UX

As technologies develop and mobile channel matures, so does the Mobile User experience. A good UX separates successful applications from unsuccessful apps. Our team of professional design good mobile UX for your business. We design good apps that can enhance your customer experiences and enhance right elements into your existing digital presence.

Our creative engineers are specialized in building brands by means of mobile applications that are simple and intuitive. Our solutions are tailor-made and designed to address specific problems. We follow a complete design process to make sure that we incorporate innovations and proven usability concepts in our UX design approach. Our Mobile UX design services include

  • User Group Research
  • Usability Testing
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Usability Consulting
  • Web Analytics
  • Usability Training

Enterprise Mobilie Solutions

Mobility solutions have nowadays become important to many businesses and as more and more people are going mobile, enterprise mobility solutions have made communication easy for workforces who are spread across time zones, continents, warehouses and suburbs. We build a powerful and strong communication system so that your business builds strong bonds with your customers and stakeholders, promoting internal as well as external communication leading to enhanced profits. Our enterprise mobility services make it easy for businesses to communicate with each other with any devices of their choice. From any networks to any locations, you can access a complete mobile integrated communication tools. We also implement the latest technology in developing and implementing mobility solutions to keep you informed.

Our enterprise mobility applications would help you attract and retain customers and also increase profits, thus increasing your market share and better ROI.

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