Website Design & Development

Website Design and Development: At eBiz Solutions we work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective Website Design and Development for our customers that align with their business vision.

When you use off the shelf Content Management Systems (CMS)  or of the shelf E-commerce solution  systems you are limited to fit your needs in their solution  thus not aligning with your business strategy and tactics, eBiz Solutions custom Website Design and Development will built you a right solution with our proven frameworks and platforms so that it aligns with your business goals, strategy, and tactics.  Here are some highlighted benefits of eBiz’s custom website design and development.

Tailor fit to your needs and future growth

With the custom website design and development from eBiz Solutions we work with you to learn what your goals and business vision and then develop a website strategy that will give you the results.

Build on industry standard technology stacks and proven frameworks.

Building a custom website does not mean reinventing the wheel. eBiz Solutions team has been in the website business for years and completed 100s of projects – our delivery methodology has excelled over the years. We build custom web application framework in our projects to reduce the development timeframe and yet maintain the highest quality of our code.

Integration with web services and external APIs.

Custom development allows us to connect your website to any external interfaces and services such as PayPal, UPS, Fedex, Google Analytics,, Amazon – you name it. We can also integrate third party plugins, Web services, APIs and create custom data feeds to your site and back.

Scalability, Extendibility, Performance

Our framework is scalable so that as you grow your business the website can scale your growing needs. We will devise a strategy for its future growth.

Excellent support models.

As we are the ones who wrote the code we know exactly where to look when the problem occurs. Not that it happens often, but in case it does, eBiz Solutions provides a lifetime free bug support on any website that we built. For other maintenance or issues we have great support model that fits any size business.

Your site and you own the code.

When we build your site you own every bit of the site. All our development is done on standard technology stacks so if you get an in-house developer or plan to move to another vendor (we hope you don’t) you don’t need to start from scratch but you can build on existing site.

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EBiz Website Design & Development Process

We start the project by talking about how to market your website. We start thinking about messaging, how to build trust, and how the user navigate through your website.

We build websites by followings the methodology that was developed and refined over the years across a multitude of projects.

1. Analysis of current situation

If you have an existing website, we will analyze what does and doesn’t work about it. If you have web analytics installed we review and assess how the users are navigating on your site and where there are gaps. We will bench mark the existing situation so that we can measure success later.

2. Business goals, strategy analysis

We gain an understanding about your goals, process, and who are your ideal customers. That will help us do a better job of communicating your value proposition to your website visitors. It also helps us prioritize content strategy that will help your visitors take informed decisions.

3. Information architecture and user interface planning

The most important aspect of your website is how you make the visitors navigate. It is very important how content and pages are organized and how intuitive and easy to navigate through the site.  We create “Wireframes”, like a blueprint for your website, before heading into the design of the website.

4. Creative design strategy and UI/UX design

Depending on the message we wish to convey through the design of your website, we will conduct a creative study that will give us a framework for the design of the website. We create concepts based on your business and your audience type.

5. Development

We use the latest front-end coding framework and standards while ensuring that our websites are compatible with mobile devices and are search engine-friendly.

6. Quality assurance

Our coding undergoes rigorous stress tests including potential exploits, workload balancing, and compatibility.

7. Installation and Configuration

We help you choose the provider and the hosting plan that will satisfy the needs of your growing website. We activate accounts and configure any external services your website is using such as PayPal Pro for credit card processing or UPS web services for calculating the shipping costs. At this point we configure your website and perform additional testing to ensure that you are all ready to go on your own.

8. Training

We will create a help document that show step by step maintenance of the content of the site. We train hands and the help document will be useful later and also to train any new staff.

9. Future improvements and online marketing

There will always be elements of your website that can be further tested and improved upon. For example, should you feature your top client logos on your homepage, or instead highlight your client testimonials? Which will do better? We like conducting tests to find out and further improve your website as time goes on. After the website has launched our online marketing team will execute a long term strategy that will bring you qualified customers at a high return on investment.

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