Strategic technology partnership with startups

eBiz Solutions help start-ups to build a strong foundation for success. We are aware of what it takes to transform and idea into profitable business and hence we design a catalyst program for every start-up. Our catalyst program not only provides hosting and infrastructure services, operating and market advices. Our in-house experts would help you validate business models, validate business models and share ideas on marketing strategy to potential investors and partners.

We offer:

  • Strategic advices on all IT aspects of business plan
  • Assistance with IT regulatory compliance
  • Provision, sourcing and selecting of:
    • 1. Business applications
    • 2. Hardware
    • 3. Software
    • 4. Installation and configuration
    • 5. Hosting and virtual solutions
    • 6. Disaster recovery and System resilience
    • 7. IT managed services and IT support
  • Pro-active management of IT services
  • Consultation to address IT issues