Quality Assurance & Managed Testing

We provide a comprehensive range of off-shore, on-shore and quality assurance and managed testing to our global clients. Our expertise in test processes such as integration and performance testing and automation help our customers to ensure quality of their systems and applications. We use several test optimization tools including Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing, Alpha & Beta Testing, Performance Testing and Integration Testing to maximize the accuracy and speed of testing processes. Our testing services eventually reduce QA bottle necks and allow focusing on application enhancement.

Our Services include:

  • Defining test framework
  • Dedicated test centers
  • Testing lines with technologies and tools
  • Creating test harness
  • Defining reporting mechanism for test runs
  • Creating test data and test scripts
  • Performing test runs in different environments

We act as a catalyst in optimizing IT costs, improving testing process effectively, mitigating testing challenges and reducing overall cost for IT optimization.