4 Common Business Problems Solved by SharePoint & Office 365

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14 Jan, 2019


You may have already made your personal New Year’s resolution, but what about one for your company? How does re-evaluating your company’s digital strategy and growing your company sound? If that is your New Year’s resolution, we can help you achieve that!
A good place to start is considering the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint Solutions – a platform where your organization can collaborate, store, and manage data from any device. These benefits only scratch the surface of what SharePoint can do. SharePoint is a cloud computing solution that can give your company a competitive advantage by reducing costs, increasing scalability & agility, and enabling mobility. Its effectiveness is proven by the 85% of Fortune 500 companies that utilize SharePoint. Along with the benefits mentioned earlier, SharePoint can solve many of your everyday problems.

4 Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

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How many times do you second guess whether the document you are looking at is the newest version? Many of us do it on the daily. Since SharePoint is cloud based, the newest version of a document will be the only version of that document. Although, if you also have the option to look at previous versions of that document. This is useful to track changes throughout the document.

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“Have you seen Susan? I need her to sign-off on this document.” Have you ever been on this wild goose chase? How much time do employees spend on trying to get the proper signatures? SharePoint has a solution to this – automated workflows! This SharePoint solution will save you a lot of time. A workflow for various types of documents. Once your workflow is all set up, all you have to do is send your document through the flow. For example, you need Susan, Jeff, and Amanda to sign off on a project proposal. Instead of tracking them down for physical signatures or emailing them the proposal that might get back-logged or lost under a pile of emails, you could simply send the proposal through the workflow. Once you send it through, Susan, Jeff, and Amanda will all be alerted that their attention is needed. If the document is approved, the document will flow through to the next stage. If one of the three needs an edit to be made, the document will be sent back to the original sender.

4 SharePoint Solutions Blog_03 How can you reach your employees more effectively? How can you get your employees to engage more? Emails – we get so many of them. You should share this blog if you have ever overlooked an important internal memo because it buried under the constant stream of emails many of us get every day. SharePoint can solve this problem too! Would you agree that you’re more likely to pay attention or engage with news if it was communicated through social media instead of an email? That is essentially the function of Yammer. Yammer is an enterprise social network. The set-up is comparable to the original Facebook layout. The premise of the public success of information dissemination through social media can also be adapted to a company. The SharePoint solution for this is to integrate a Yammer feed into your SharePoint platform. A survey of 10,000 Yammer users revealed that improved employee engagement, increased productivity, and improved team communication are three of the most cited benefits of Yammer.

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Have you ever asked, “which software/ platform/ website do I have to use to perform [x] task?” If you have, then you have probably been frustrated by having so many different applications, each provided by a different company. With SharePoint, you also get the Office 365 suite. The Office 365 suite offers a variety of applications that can substitute many applications you may be using now. For example, with in the Microsoft Teams app you have access to dozens of extensions such as Polly, Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira Cloud, Sign Easy, etc.

Make it easier on yourself and your employees by finding everything you need in once place with these SharePoint Solutions. It will increase your productivity, improve your communication, and help to build a strong productive company culture. Doesn’t it sound like a magical New Year’s resolution?

What’s really magical is that it can be done. Let us, eBiz Solutions, help you grow your organization and bottom-line by getting you setup with SharePoint. We are Microsoft Gold Partners with more than 17 years in technology consulting. Let our Certified Microsoft Professionals build you a tailored platform to drive your organization to new heights. 2019 is already ticking by – Contact us for a strategic consultation!

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