DevOps Solutions: Increasing Efficiency & Eliminating Confusion

DevOps Solutions: Increasing Efficiency & Eliminating Confusion

02 Jul, 2018


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DevOps Solutions:

Imagine a one hundred foot wall. On one side there are developers wanting to deliver updates quickly. On the other side there is operations wanting to delivery a reliable and stable product. Both sides are using similar tools to perform the same tasks. Double the work is being done, effectively hurting productivity. This is what DevOps solves. It takes the two sides and creates one team! It emphasizes the continuous integration, communication, and collaboration between developers and the operations team.

Development + Operations = DevOps

DevOps is a synergistic way of developing and deploying software, but in its totality, it is a way of thinking. Another way to see it is a combination of software engineering, quality assurance and technology operations. These are the five basic principles (CALMS Model) of DevOps:

  • Culture: open feedback, shared responsibility, and rewarding failures
  • Automation: continuous monitoring, configuration, and delivery
  • Lean: limited batch sizes and visualizing value for end-user
  • Metrics: measuring everything to gain insight in to all systems
  • Sharing: continuous collaboration and open sharing of information between development and operations

The keyword is automation. DevOps needs automation to be successful.

Why is it important?

If we aggregate all the benefits, it leads to one statement: enhanced efficiency. The collaboration between development and operations equates to reduced costs and reduced management complexity. With shorter development cycles and continuous integration servers, there are reduced deployment failures and rollbacks. The shorter development cycles and continuous integration allow for faster recovery time. Put this all together, you save time and effort, and it results in an optimized product.

Benefits DevOps

What pushes the need for DevOps?

  • 47% say they require collaboration between development & operations
  • 41% need simultaneous deployment across various platforms
  • 39% need to improve customer/end-user experience
  • 35% specify a need as a result of increasing use of mobile devices
  • 70% outperform those who do not leverage software delivery effectively

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Where is DevOps adoption now?

In a worldwide study, 1,091 respondents were asked,

“How extensively has your organization adopted DevOps?”


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