Microsoft 365 Spotlight Series: Enterprise Collaboration, Task Management, Business Automation

Microsoft 365 Spotlight Series

08 Oct, 2020 11:00 AM


Most companies today are using technology to adapt to our rapidly changing business landscape, but still compromising efficiency and data security due to lack of awareness, governance, and training.

There are hundreds of digital tools on the market that increase employee productivity and allow real-time collaboration, and 80% of end users admit to using their communication tool of choice, instead of solutions managed by their organization.

Many companies are underutilizing the power of Microsoft Office 365, and spending resources on external solutions that O365 provides.

Microsoft offers a multitude of tools that can easily replace the external applications your team might be using, and most of them are available with an Office365 license. Consolidating your team’s workflow to Microsoft-only applications will not only increase productivity and data security, but also save money on excessive subscriptions.

In this 3-part series, we will spotlight the different Microsoft apps and tools designed to meet modern workplace demands.  Whether you’ve been using Office365 for years, or are implementing it for the first time, you will learn more about the capabilities of each platform.


Webinar 1:  (Oct 29, 11 am CDT) Enterprise Collaboration using SharePoint, Teams, and Yammer

Webinar 2: (Nov 5, 11 am CDT) Task Management using Teams, Planner + To-Do, and Lists

Webinar 3: (Nov 12, 11 am CST) Business Automation using Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Forms, Azure API Management


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