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The Modern Intranet for an Agile Company

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05 Sep, 2018


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A group of people get together and exist as an institution we call a company, so they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately – they make a contribution to society, a phrase which sounds trite but is fundamental.”
David Packard, Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard

In today’s hyper-competitive world, being an agile organization is the top priority for any company to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. The elements of agile organizations are the creation of the right culture that embrace change, connectivity, collaboration, sharing, innovation, etc. With new technologies and applications, today’s intranets can be the platform for agile organizations.

The tandem between an Agile Company and its Intranet:

  • An effective internal tool for information sharing, organizing, a distribution.
  • Helps to support and communicate a company culture and promotes the best practices.
  • Streamlined and real-time information feed.
  • Helps in automating many manual and mundane processes in a company.

Most of the companies have an intranet and if your company already has one, you may want to ask yourself if it effective. And before you say no, remember that complacency is everyone’s silent enemy. The saying, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t necessarily hold up in every aspect of life. When it comes to your intranet and your organization, the saying should be,

“It isn’t broke, but how can I make it better?”

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1. Engagement: Being people centric

Solution: By making your intranet a social hub, you can reinforce your company’s culture by encouraging the sharing of ideas, achievements, work anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events. Your intranet should be the platform where your entire organization can collaborate and support the work and accomplishments of teams, individuals, and the organization. This can be easily created on a Microsoft SharePoint platform with the use of Yammer. Yammer is an application with a similar set up to Facebook. Employees will be able to write posts, share, comment, and like. With SharePoint’s customizable interface, the intranet can be tailored to your organization’s branding to help develop an organizational identity.

2. Personalization: Tailored & Relevant Content

Solution: Especially with larger companies, getting news from every department can be more hindering than informative. It is essential to all high-functioning intranets to have the ability for content targeting and filtering. Along with that, being able to add tags and rankings to content helps employees find information relevant to them. Even more functional is the options to get push notifications sent to your email or phone. For example, you see in your intranet feed that compliance and policy training must be completed before a certain date, having reminders sent to you is convenience that can save you from having a back-flow of work.

3. Intelligent Search: Finding information easily

Solution: This is crucial to every intranet – an intelligent search engine. Can you guess how many hours are wasted looking for information? In an IDC survey of 1200 IT professionals, it was revealed that they spend an average of 4.5 hours a week just looking for the right document. With a smart search engine and the help of bots, that time could be drastically lowered. This is also why being able tag content is important. For example, if you are looking for a certain policy, your intranet should be able to pull up that document and all the other content related to it. Although sometimes, there may be multiple versions of the document, and this is where a bot comes in handy. A bot is a chat-based AI that searches and filters through information and presents you with you what you are most likely referring to. Tools like these are helping to optimize organizations and is why is essential to any intranet. Within a SharePoint Platform, an intelligent bot-ecosystem can be built and customized for your organization.

4. Mobility: Work space On-the-Go

Solution: We do a lot of things on our smart phones, such as shopping, reading, playing games, emailing, paying bills, etc. We are a mobile culture, and that isn’t such a bad thing. With a seamless mobile platform, whether it be through an app or browser, being mobile can help the employee act in a timelier manner. Take for example when we were able to send emails from our phones. We have become much faster at responding, increasing the number of things, we can accomplish in a day. The Microsoft SharePoint mobile app features many of the same desktop capabilities such as looking for documents, staying updated on news, seeing what your teams are working, and linking to other office apps.

5. Automation: Multi-functional and Streamlined Design

Solution: No one likes clunky functionality. For optimized performance and use, it is critical for the design to be seamless and user friendly. The interface should be clean and organized. Along with a clean design, SharePoint is a platform that can host multiple enterprise solutions and multiple different departments. SharePoint can be a platform that can be expanded for content management, project management, workflows, and much more. This platform can host the HR, marketing, sales, accounting, and other departments on single streamlined SharePoint platform. Having a clean and functional design encourage employees to engage and use all the tools available in the intranet.

6. Secured Document Management: Cloud Document Storage and Sharing

Solution: There are a lot of benefits to moving documents to the cloud. Cloud storage reduces costs, increases agility, and can utilize useful AI and machine learning features. And with cloud storage, sharing and finding documents becomes simple. Again, being a mobile culture with the ability to access and share documents on-the-go only gives employees more opportunities to get more done. Also, cloud storage allows for sharing of large documents that are too large to send through email. Through a SharePoint platform, a variety of files can be stored and shared ranging from excel files to 3D design files.

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