eBiz Solutions has been one of the early adopters of Progressive Web Applications which allows customers to build reliable, fast and engaging web pages with the performance matching that of the mobile applications. Our team of expert developers provide you early advantage combining the best of the web and the best of apps. We ensure that web apps are adaptive on multiple devices of varying screen sizes for seamless performance like native apps.

What Is PWA?

A web app that can provide the advantage of many of the features of native applications. Have an experience in creating a web app that works offline using Service Workers. Finally, make your app installable to the user’s home screen with the Web App Manifest file. This architecture comes with a progressive enhancement as a core principle with multitude of advantages.:


Provides a seamless interactivity across browsers of multiple devices irrespective of the form factors that are available now or upcoming.

Independent of the Quality of Connectivity

Helps you in loading the applications, thanks to the service workers, it also offers abilities to work offline.

Identifiable as an Application

Registration of Service Workers accessible for search engines for marketing and SEO of the application.

Mobile Application

Style of interactivity and navigation for browsing or navigating between the web pages.

No App Store Hassle

Apps do not need installation and allow sharing via URL, just like any other website.


Progressive Web Apps are equal parts new Web APIs, design patterns, and marketing fluff. The mobile web comes closer to parity with installable app store apps through app manifest and homescreen install support, background worker functionality with Service Workers, faster load time with App Shell, and a renewed belief that web developers, too, can build amazing mobile app experiences.

At eBiz, we believe the web is the future of apps: It runs everywhere, it’s the most widely known technology stack, and it powers a rapidly increasing number of apps. Today, web technologies are used by millions of app store apps, but so far, the mobile web has been a stripped-down experience driving people to the app store for the Real Thing. Progressive Web Apps change that.

eBiz team of PWA developers offers an immersive full screen experience to engage users. We provide support Progressive Web App Development at every stage of the app development lifecycle, right from development, deployment to maintenance and support.

We are at the forefront of developing robust and high-performance Progressive web app solutions for clients, helping achieve ROI without any hassle.

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