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5 SharePoint Features to Ignite your Company’s Collaboration & Organization

18 Mar, 2019


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SharePoint is the pinnacle platform for Collaborating, organizing, and managing information. Large and small businesses alike have turned to SharePoint for its security, simplicity, mobility, and overall cost-effectiveness. Office 365’s SharePoint adoption rate continues to grow. Over 250,000 organizations utilize it including over 85% of Fortune 500 companies. SharePoint boasted a 90% growth in usage in 2017 and has grown 300% in the amount of content stored (Microsoft). However, the SharePoint features to highlight the most is its accessibility & affordability. This platform is not reserved for only large companies. SharePoint is available for any sized organization and is a great investment for growth and efficiency.

5 Easy & Practical SharePoint Features

These are 5 features that can be used today, for any company, at any size.

1. Create a Knowledge Hub

Document management is the fundamental feature of SharePoint. Once uploaded to the SharePoint Cloud, files become easily searchable. In a way, it becomes a digital library/ archive for the employees. Finding information becomes less of a hunt and more a leisurely walk. Also, because they are on the cloud, multiple users can edit a document without interference.

2. SharePoint Business Intelligence

Take the massive amounts you have and turn it into actionable insights. You can create a business intelligence (BI) site on SharePoint, and create and store reports, scorecards, and dashboards. Through SharePoint, you can keep track of all your records through a singular application.

3. Information Distribution

Did you forget to add someone to the mailing list? Or Did you forget to attach the document? Information dissemination becomes much easier with SharePoint. Whether you are sending it to a specific team or to the entire organization, each individual will get the same message. This helps to cut down on repetition and miscommunication.

4. Document Version Tracking

Have you ever edited a document, re-visited it a week later, and wonder what was originally there before you changed it? Well SharePoint has the solution for that. All documents being autosaved on your SharePoint platform are also being archived. This means after every session, not only were your new edits saved, but so was the previous version. This is especially valuable if important information needs to be retrieved.

5. Customer Portals

Though often thought as an internal tool, customer portals. This feature is especially useful for small and medium sized businesses. Through the portals, customers are provided added value by being able to access their invoices 24/7.

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