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The October Recap

eBiz Solutions Team - Memphis,TN

07 Nov, 2018


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What happened in October?

1. Our friend, SkyCop, became a CityCURRENT Partner!

SkyCop in Memphis

Based in Memphis, SkyCop works to equip, support, and educate police departments on better utilizing technology to keep the city safe! Through a partnership between SkyCop and the Blue Crush team, Memphis has hit a 30 year low murder rate. At the October CityCURRENT Signature Breakfast, SkyCop became a CityCURRENT Partner. Through its partners, CityCURRENT is able to fully fund its activities so that it can invite the community to participate in a variety of free events that help #PowertheGOOD. Thank you & Congratulations SkyCop!

2. Sridhar was featured in the Memphis Business Journal!

Creating an Intelligent company

Our very own CEO, Sridhar Sunkara, has been featured in the Memphis Business Journal. Check out his insights on industry challenges, trends, and much more. Check out the article here!

3. Interactive Learning at TecNation 2018!

eBiz at TecNation 2018 - Memphis, TN
We had a great time listening to amazing leaders from Hilton Hotels & Resorts, LimeBike, Bird, Expedia, Walmart, Memphis Travel, and may more! We also had a blast playing our trivia game and giving out prizes to other attendees! You can find more pictures on Greater Memphis I.T.’s Facebook page.

4. Blogs from October:

20 Years of Bluetooth: What is the next level?

Bluetooth Anniversary eBiz Solutions

Bluetooth’s success comes from its simplicity, its security, and the convenience it brings to everyday life. And because of its simplicity, security, and convenience, it has penetrated every industry. Imagine your life today without the convenience Bluetooth has brought. There would not be wireless calls in your car, wire-free workouts, or wireless data transfers. Really, everything wireless today is because of Bluetooth. Learn More.

10 Things to know about Office 365

Office 365 eBiz Solutions

Why do companies trust Office 365? It’s because they offer a suite with every cross-functional tool and feature you need to not only complete your daily tasks, but also go beyond them. Are you still hesitant about moving to Office 365? That’s okay! Let us help you seal the deal with moving to Office 365. Here are the 10 things to know about Office 365.

Cloud Computing Services are helping younger and smaller companies compete

Cloud Computing eBiz Solutions

Technologies, like cloud computing, are known to be a competitive advantage – Although more than that, it can be an equalizing force that allows smaller and newer businesses to compete with larger ones. Cloud Computing Services allow smaller and newer businesses to access an array of technologies that were once too far out of their scope. Through the cloud, businesses can increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase mobility. Learn More.

5. #TechTuesday Highlights from October:

Qualcomm is launching a new wi-fi chip to rival 5G

3 ways to evaluate your mobile users’ experience

Google Assistant boasts integration with 10,000 devices in 1,000 brands


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