Digital Landscape | Top Technology Trends in 2019

Digital Landscape| Top Technology Trends in 2019

15 Jan, 2019


Justine Natuplag

What will you be seeing in 2019? The top technology trends in 2019, will no doubt include the 5G network. In the last quarter of 2018, you may have already seen T-Mobile advertising its 5G roll out. In October, Verizon launched its 5G home service in Houston, Indianapolis, LA, and Sacramento. Through 5G you will also so be seeing an increase in Smart Spaces – such as Smart Cities. As 2019 rolls through, you will also be seeing an increase in automation and AI, deep learning, and machine learning integration in devices and applications.  

5G Network  

The G in 1G,2G,3G,4G, and now 5G stands for its generation of wireless technology. What 5G brings to the able is increased speed, responsiveness, and connectivity, meaning it can connect to more devices at once. What this means for the average consumer and businesses is faster processing, increased connectivity, ultimately resulting in being able to get more things done. 

Smart Spaces  

The most well-known smart spaces are smart cities. Smart cities, you could say, are the cities of the future. Smart Cities are cities integrated with IoT technology meant to improve the lives of its citizens by creating convenience and by gathering information so officials can quickly, efficiently, and effectively identify and solve problems. For example, through the IoT sensors potholes and problem traffic areas can be more quickly identified and fixed. Smart Cities have a large impact on tourism. When visitors come to these cities, they will be able to connect to the cities mobile app. Through the city’s app and location settings the visitor could go on an interactive self-guided tour through the app. For locals, the app can serve as a warning system for traffic jams or be used to send notifications of events happening near you. There are many cities that are already transforming into smart cities, some of which are London, Barcelona, San Francisco, and Oslo. In fact, the entire country of Singapore has turned to a Smart infrastructure.   


From cars to household appliances, you will be seeing much more automation. Data analytics will also become more autonomous. Gartner states that, “By 2020, more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated”. 

AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning Integration  

You will be seeing more streamlined business process through AI, deep learning, machine learning, and automation. How it works is that AI will analyze the data to create a baseline. Through machine learning, computing devices and appliance will observe any variance that disagree with the baseline. If the conflicts remained unresolved, the data will move on to be worked on through a deep learning process. The purpose of this is create more accurate AI. A prime example of this the Google Duplex. Not only that, but AI and automation will aid in marketing by generating more accurate relevant information tailored to each customer.


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