Website Push Notifications: Optional or Necessary?

Website Push Notifications

09 Jul, 2019


Fariza Mayores

Have you visited a website a popup appears? It can be sent to you via desktop web and mobile web. The message is usually shown at the top right corner of a desktop screen or on a mobile device that is virtually like an app notification. It could ask you to sign up for their newsletter or sign up to become a member and receive updates on current events happening within the site. This feature would be a website push notification, and they have a few more advantages than other channels of communication and engagement.

What Are Push Notifications?

Website push notifications are clickable messages that are sent to the subscriber’s browser through the website. It allows the user to receive timely updates, re-engage consumers by being personalized, and it displays relevant content.

Web push notifications are different from app push notifications. Unlike apps which need to be downloaded, web push notifications can be accessed on all devices such as desktops, tablets, and phones with no app needed. In fact, mobile websites may possibly reach more individuals than mobile apps do.
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Reasons to Start Using Web Notifications

Only about 2% of traffic converts following an initial visit on a site. In order to have a higher conversion rate and reach 98%, there are a few steps to consider. One is the most important is optimizing web push notifications; they are turning websites into even more powerful tools for marketers. Here are a few reasons to start using web push notification:

  • Easier access to reach audiences: Web notifications can reach your audience without them even being on your website, which then brings them back to your site! When the user agrees to receive a browser push notification from your site, it is the easiest way to reach them. This is an immense benefit that other web communications cannot offer.
  • No need for emails: It isn’t necessary to put an email address to sign up for these notifications. Asking for an email requires a push into convincing the website’s visitor to enter their information. The user just needs to enable push by one quick click. Additionally, email open rates are in decline. Email offers become lost in our ever-growing inboxes, and web push messages are 50 percent more likely to be seen by visitors than emails.
  • Hard to miss: Most people throughout the day spend their time on a laptop or mobile device using the web. When push notifications appear – either from a mobile app or a website – the user gets priority access to the notification. If the message is clear and well done, with a snippet of informative material, it is a quick and easy way to go to the site to receive more details.
  • No app, no problem: Regardless if a company does not have a mobile app, it should not influence them for not having push notifications. Web notifications do not require an app, which in turn provides the company with the ability to send notification-style messages. Website push notifications are more essential and critical for businesses because they give them the power to send notifications without spending time and resources on an app

Before Using Push Notifications

After seeing the main points and reasons to choose to start using push notifications, one important factor before beginning is to write a clear, concise body copy.

Depending on the platform, they have different character limits, but most fall between 40-120 characters including the title and copy. The copywriting needs to compose the reason and purpose to guide and persuade the user to click the notification. It needs to show why it is valuable to them and why they should choose to click on it.

By having a clear meaning and message that is straight to the point, it can lead to a higher click rate. People have busy schedules and they do not have the time to think about what the information displayed means. The message needs to show the most important reason upfront.
Another important factor to consider is that people never want to miss out on things. If it seems like an opportunity has a limited time frame, it gives a sense of urgency for people to acquire it. According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, it states that people are more motivated by the notion of a possible loss than of a possible gain. People fear missing out on opportunities, and by knowing this, you can use this principle in the works of the notification copy. For example, if a company has a sale for its online store, the copy could be, “Flash Sale Today Only! Everything 60% off! 8 hours left”.

Optimizing These Functions

Whether you are looking to increase web traffic, secure more subscribers, or engage with clients on a wider scale, website push notifications are an easy way to obtain all of this. These automated messages have 30x more conversion rates over email, can alert subscribers when a new article is published or have an upcoming event, and it is the most compelling and modern way to get your brand to customers in a fast and efficient way.

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