Microsoft Teams: Working From Home With Microsoft Teams

Working From Home With Microsoft Teams

21 Apr, 2020


While walking my dog the other day, I found myself multitasking. Using only the Microsoft Teams app on my phone, I was listening in to a conference call, responding to a chat with a coworker, and reviewing a new post in one of my project feeds.

Using technology to work on-the-go is certainly not a new concept, but the Coronavirus outbreak has forced people to get on board with today’s technology and adapt their workday in new ways. This unprecedented time has brought millions of new users to Microsoft Teams , which (in my opinion) has one of the most seamless experiences between its desktop and mobile interfaces. I highly recommend using both the mobile app and desktop version.

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Microsoft Teams combines file storage, instant chat, audio and video conferencing, calendar, and project management functionalities – all into one platform. Aside from email, everything I need during the work day, I have in Teams. I’ve used other project management software before, including Asana, Slack, and Basecamp, but Teams is by far my favorite. Particularly because it reduces the amount of navigating back-and-forth between browser windows.

Other project management platforms utilize integrations with file storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox. While those work fine, it is nice to have a Microsoft-only product that embeds the appropriate file library into every project. Our company uses Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint, which both sync directly into Teams. Additionally, in Teams you can open and edit documents within the app, and changes will automatically save if you choose to open the document in a browser window or another device.image (6)

The coronavirus outbreak caused me to shift from a partial day of remote work to a full day. eBiz’s company structure requires stateside employees to wake up early, and our teammates in India to work later into the evening – to ensure that we all have enough time to work together and connect with our clients.As a result, our mornings tend to be intense with back-to-back appointments conducted via Microsoft Teams.

Before the virus outbreak, I often took calls while driving. One of my only complaints about Microsoft Teams is that the connectivity and sound quality are reduced during calls when using a car’s Bluetooth speakerphone.

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For those of us who don’t have the luxury of an actual home office, quarantine has forced us to create our own makeshift office spaces.The dining room table is my top spot, but I’ve recently set up a ‘standing desk’ of sorts near my living room window, and I like to carry my laptop between those two spots to keep moving throughout the day.

It’s also given us a (welcome) excuse to swap business clothes for loungewear. We’ve all quickly learned how to maintain our professionalism while wearing pajamas. Pro-tip: don’t forget to mute yourself while making coffee or brushing your teeth on an early morning conference call! As a general rule, mute yourself whenever you’re not speaking. This is especially important if you have a dog, children, or other roommates.

Quarantine workwear and makeshift “office” settings aside, the conversations and tasks that take place within the 4 corners of my computer screen are still the most important aspect of my work day. Microsoft Teams makes that work possible.

Empowering employees with the digital tools they need is more important now than ever. Whether it’s through adopting Teams, SharePoint, Salesforce, eCommerce, or developing an app, businesses need to be prepared to work remotely. eBiz guides companies to do exactly that.

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