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Clean Memphis is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens.

We have three program platforms to achieve this mission:

1) Support Community Partnership – Helping communities organize routine cleanup projects and address blighted properties in their own neighborhoods.

2) High-Profile Cleanup Sweeps using inmates and court-ordered community service workers. Clean Memphis performs over 40 “sweeps” per month in important economic development areas of the city using inmates and community service workers. These areas include The Medical Center, Downtown, The Aerotropolis and all areas of tourism.

3) Clean Memphis offers a comprehensive environmental education program for all schools in Shelby County. Our curriculum is tied to state standards and utilizes the common core. In addition to the classroom presentations we engage the students is various service learning projects in their communities.

The Need
The client works to support existing community partnerships and zone collaborates in the following ways:

  • Organizing routine clean-up projects.
  • Expanding the community volunteer base to include area schools, churches, and businesses.
  • Assisting neighborhood leaders in identifying code enforcement issues and working with other agencies for resolutions.
  • Providing or securing additional resources to assist community groups in clean-up and reduction of blight.

Our Solution

  • The client chose eBiz solutions LLC to implement CRM for its ease of use and ability to fully integrate with Client’s  back-end systems.
  • Easy management donations,campaigns,contacts, leads, etc. in
  • Integration of all up-front inquiry generation via leads, contacts, accounts, donations, recurring donation’s etc.
  • Track all the service projects, clean ups, bags, tires, code violations, cost, volunteers per clean up, etc.
  • Generate reports of clean ups based on bags collects, time frame, cost, code violations, etc.
  • Dashboards help drive customer success and allow Clean Memphis to know and access information on fly.


  • Increase awareness among the community at large owing to accessibility over the Internet.
  • Collect donations, followup with leads, followup campaigns etc
  • Improve efficiency by tracking, trash collection, tires collected, volunteers involved, cost of clean ups
  • Easily and securely communicate with clients
  • Seamless integration and setup with no infrastructure investment
  • Sensitive data stays safe and secure
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