Back to School Mobile Platform

As we slowly transition life back to “normal”, companies will have to ensure a healthy environment is being provided to all employees. As you are getting ready to return to the office, you must consider the following:

eBiz Solutions is ready to help you navigate the back to work challenges. Our COVID 19 Mobile-based technology platform prioritizes your employee safety, keeping in mind the ethical and legal matters around the subject.
The COVID 19 Mobile based Technology platform will help you ensure the following:

Our solution will allow you to provide the corporate guideline and policy necessary to protect your employees and business from any crisis that could emerge.

High Level Features:

  • White-labeled Privacy first Command & Control Center with Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Apps for Employees/Students/Staff & Partners/Visitors/Customers
    • Mental Wellness Tracker for the Employees/Students/Staff
    • COVID Self Test for the Employees/Students/Staff
    • Contact Tracing for the Employees/Students/Staff and Partners
  • Roles:
    • Platform Super Admin
    • Business Admin(Command & Control Center)
    • Office User(Employee/Student/Staff)
    • Customer/Visitor/Vendor/Customer (Related to business)


    • Usage Reports by Business(Privacy driven data for just statistics purpose)
      • Onboarding
      • Contact Tracing
      • Mental wellness issues
      • COVID Self Test Issues
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