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At eBiz, we have proven a track record with spin-off and start-ups businesses in various industries and helped them succeed and grow their business. Our go-to marketing strategy includes an understanding of where you wish to go, how to get there, and the steps required to succeefully arrive. Our experts work on an integrated approach to help you improve commercial activities and gain a competitive advantage
eBiz has the tools, data, and capabilities for you, including the following:

  • Dedicated research capability to provide data and insight about a wide-range of vendors, buyers, and markets
  • Market models, proven methods, and assessment frameworks to evaluate market dynamics and capabilities
  • Global experience and reach in identifying market opportunities
  • Data-driven, fact-based and pragmatic mindset to drive outcomes like competitive assessment, market demand modeling, customer segmentation, channel evaluation and partnerships/alliances

Startup marketing is a process through which you and your brand meet the world. eBiz Solutions offer consultation and training to help you endorse yourself and your business to prospective new clients and investors. We have mentored many start-ups and have defined several marketing strategies from concept to alpha/beta launches. We have shared ideas about different marketing strategies that can be introduced and well-positioned to gain a competitive advantage with differentiated, strong offerings. We are a comprehensive resource for offering tips, ideas, guides and strategies on every kind of marketing, from social media networks to online advertising.
Our process-plan includes:

  • Understand your offerings
  • Identify and segment the market
  • Apply proven methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean, Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), etc…
  • Develop strategic digital plans

eBiz Solutions help start-ups build a strong foundation for success. We are aware of what it takes to transform an idea into a profitable business, hence we design a catalyst program for every company. Our catalyst program provides hosting and infrastructure services as well as operating and advice. Our in-house experts would help you validate business models, validate business models and share ideas on marketing strategy to potential investors and partners.

At eBiz, we offer:

  • Strategic advice on all aspects of your digital transformation
  • Assistance with IT regulatory compliance
  • Provision, sourcing and selecting of:
    • Business applications
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Installation and configuration
    • Hosting and virtual solutions
    • Disaster recovery and system resilience
    • IT managed services and IT support
  • Pro-active management of IT services
  • Consultation to address IT issues
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