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What we offer with Amplify Studio

Amplify Studio is a rapid visual development environment for building full-stack web and mobile apps. Amplify Studio builds on existing backend building capabilities in AWS Amplify, allowing you to accelerate your UI development. Using Studio, you can quickly build an entire tech product web, front-to-back, with minimal coding, while still maintaining full control over your apps design and behaviour through code.
Amplify gives the ability for pro-code developers like us at eBiz to extend the apps with full fledged integration with other ecosystem services. Building an tech platform from scratch is extremely rapid as AWS Amplify Studio helps you scaffold out the app with build-in plugins and core modules.

Building an tech platform from scratch is extremely rapid as AWS Amplify Studio helps you scaffold out the app with build-in plugins and core modules.

AWS Amplify Studio gives the flexibility to architect the enterprise class applications with integration capabilities across AWS and outside infrastructure and services.

AWS Amplify Studio is accessible outside of the AWS Management console, so you and our team can log in and quickly get started from your AWS license or our AWS license.

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How does Amplify Studio Work?

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    Modelling :
    • Visually the complete data infrastructure can be modelled. This gives the flexibility for the functional stakeholders to participate in the technical modelling of the platform.
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    Data Connections:
    • Connecting filed level of data to functional components is equally easy as a data mapping.
    • Developers can also connect mobile and web apps to app backends created in AWS Amplify Studio using Amplify Libraries for iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and web (JavaScript).
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    Ready to use Components:
    • AWS Amplify Studio gives you bunch of pre-built components you can use right away in your application.
    • There are several elements like buttons, to larger UI elements like cards and forms, to large page sections like headers and news feeds.
    • We need to deploy to AWS to get the UI library experience. But you’ll likely be doing that anyway as the point of Amplify Studio is leveraging the full AWS integrated experience.
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    Figma Integration:
    • The visual components are provided as a Figma template which your designer and developer can keep in sync between Figma and AWS Amplify. This means tweak designs in Figma and pull the updated components right into the app in few clicks.

What is Amplify Studio

What we build at eBiz using Amplify Studio

We work with several startups to small and medium companies.

These companies have rapidly changing requirements with continuous delivery and integration.

User Experience is the key for these customers as most of the Apps are consumer-facing.

In these conditions, Figma integrated Amplify Studio is the right platform to build Apps

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