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There is no one-size fits all methodology, that is why at eBiz Solutions, we use various proven methodologies for innovation and solving problems.  We use a human-centric approach by bringing together the needs of the people, technological capabilities, and business needs.  We use different models at different stages of the process. Some of the methodologies and approaches we implement are:


Design ThinkingAgileLeanSIT (1)Value

Design ThinkingDesign Thinking Graphic (3)

Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving method that incorporates empathizing with peoples’/organization’s problem, technological possibilities, and business strategy to find the best solution. An article by Parsons New School shows that 69% of design-led firms perceive the innovation process to be more efficient with Design Thinking. Along with eBiz, Tesla, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, IBM, and Audi are all companies that implement Design Thinking.


Iteration Process Work FlowsMore teams are leaving behind linear/predictive methodologies, like Waterfall, and are gearing towards more adaptive methodologies, like Agile. Unlike Waterfall, Agile allows for cross-functional teams, short-term estimation and budgeting, adaptability to change, faster delivery of functional software, and added business value for each iteration. Iterations govern the  Agile lifecycle. Each iteration provides the next piece of the puzzle. There will be multiple iterations during the Agile lifecycle, and each iteration follows its own workflows. This loop is an critical part to delivery high-functioning software quickly.



As to its name, the Lean methodology is simply maximizing customer value and eliminating waste.  Waste is anything that does not add value. In Lean IT examples of waste are, defects, reworks, overproduction, waiting, excess inventory and motion. Like design thinking, Lean is customer-centric and like Agile, Lean is based on continuous incremental improvement.


Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT)

Systematic Inventive Thinking

SIT is a methodology that was developed in the mid-1990s. SIT is a well-known methodology for innovation. This methodology’s tools helps break mental fixedness and routine to come up with an innovative idea.

The Elements of Value

30 Elements Of Value

Research conducted by Bain & Company has found a relatively small set of ways to satisfy customers. Bain calls these the 30 Elements of Value. The Elements of Value comes from the framework of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The Elements of Value can improve performance by identifying and capitalizing on their relative strengths to widen leads within their category on elements that matter. Companies can also change the game by adding new Elements of Value to their category. Often times companies have “white spaces” in their categories and by adding new Elements of Value the company can begin to drive value and differentiate in these “white spaces.” Bain & Company’s analysis show that companies that deliver well on the elements of value tend to have stronger customer loyalty and higher revenue growth rates.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Sridhar and his team at eBiz Solutions to update our website.  They were a joy to work with-very efficient, professional and friendly. No matter what questions or requests  I had, they were responsive and offered wonderful suggestions for improving the web
Pearson Crutcher SOE Memphis
As the founder of a start up business with quite limited technical knowledge, I turned to eBiz Solutions for assistance to set up a website. I approached the eBiz Solutions team with nothing more than ideas and concepts. The team walked me through the necessary steps and explained everything in grea
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We have worked with eBiz for eight years now. “They designed our main website, blog site, and developed an online contracting system. Their service is outstanding, along with very impressive creativity, original ideas, and a fabulous design team.
Angela Schelp founder and co-owner of Executive Speakers Bureau
We’ve been working with Poornima and Sridhar Sunkara and the whole eBiz Solutions team for a couple of years now, and have been extremely impressed by their approach, creativity, innovation, and level of customer service. They have reshaped the way we look at our digital footprint and engagement wit
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eBiz really pushed me to think out of the box when creating my vision for the website. With their help, I now have a website that is professional, cutting-edge and easily found on the web by my prospective customers.
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