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Low Code No Code

What is Low Code No Code:

World is fast transforming than what Gartner predicted 5 years ago. This rapid transformation needs billions of digital solutions to be built. This brings the need for a fast paced technology platforms which can be used by citizen developers to build the next gen tech solutions. This gives the birth to Intelligent Low Code No Code platforms.

These next generation low code no code solutions can help enterprises to intellectually respond to and solve customer issues in a robotized fashion, based on learning from their omni-channel past interactions (customer service calls, chats, emails), similar problems, trends, etc.


“Rapid Digital Acceleration” is the need and key task of every CIO in 2022.

Tech community has realised rapid and continuous applications development is inevitable to meet the demands of the market.

No Code, Low Code development platforms are the right options to meet the demands of every organisation in 2022.

LCNC Platforms addresses the fast paced go-to-market needs of the accelerating digital transformation due to pandemic

LCNC development promotes agility, ease and responsiveness on co-innovating and co-developing software apps for the business


“By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”
Research: 500 million applications are going to be built in the next 3 years using low code no code platforms

What do we do with LCNC Platforms

We build Mobile & Cloud Apps as both Professional Developers & Citizen(Functional) Developers
Continuous Business Apps.             MVP/POCs.             Apps for Startups           Apps for Enterprises

What are the Platforms we use to build LCNC Apps

    Enterprise Platforms

  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Oracle Apex
    Consumer Apps for Startups to Small & Medium Businesses

  • AWS Amplify Studio

What are the advantages of Low Code No Code

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