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In this digital age, with data boom, cloud, and mobility enabling companies to new opportunities, and align with changing customer expectations. To be agile, create speed to market, companies need to create digital layers to interact with customers, employees, and partners. To handle this APIs are on raise in every company. So now managing the APIs have become a challenge for companies. API management helps API in publishing, documenting and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment.

At eBiz our API management services include

  • Automation and control of connections between an API and the applications that use the API.
  • Make sure there is a consistency between multiple API implementations and version controlling
  • Monitoring the traffic from individual apps.
  • Providing memory management and caching mechanisms to improve application performance.
  • Protect the API from misuse by wrapping it in security procedures and policies.

The five stages of API lifecycle management eBiz helps companies

  • Planning and Designing the API
  • Developing the API
  • Testing the API
  • Deploying the API
  • Retiring the API
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