Alexa, How can you help my business?

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Alexa Skill Development

Alexa, who are you?

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant. It is available on the Amazon flagship Echo devices, Fire TV, Amazon Tap, Android, and IOS devices. With the rise of connectivity, over 20 million Alexa devices have been sold, helping to make tasks simpler and save the user time. Alexa can answer questions and follow through with commands such as …
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Alexa, What is skills development?

Unlike other virtual assistants, Alexa can have skills tailored to any industry or organization. For example, if you are in the Healthcare industry, we can help create a specific skills kit that may include something like, “Alexa, are there any appointments available at the clinic today?”. If you are in the food industry, skills such as “Alexa, track my order” can be customized for your business. Customized skills do not have to be only within the parameters or theme of your industry. Broader skills that can span across various industries can be built into your customized skill kit, like “Alexa, read my emails. Virtual Assistants like Alexa are a new wave of technology that is helping to make personal and business operations smoother and quicker.

Alexa, How does skills development work?

Using the Amazon Developer Console, we configure the intents (initial phrases), and design the user interface with a flow diagram to mimic natural conversation. Once this process is completed the skills are hosted through AWS Lambda (Amazon Web Services). The skills can be used without Alexa Store certification but only in Beta or Dev mode. To be made certified the skills need to meet the Alexa Store Requirements such as: policy guidelines, security requirements, functional test, user experience tests, etc. At eBiz, we make sure everything is perfectly in place to make your business’s voice heard!

Alexa, what are the advantages of having my own skill?

  • Use skill to identify what is important to your customers
  • Optimize Workflows
  • Enhance Workplace by helping visitors and employees navigate
  • Agility at your workstation and conference room


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