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Low Code No Code: A Quick Leader’s Guide for Fast-Moving Companies

01 Feb, 2022


If you type Low Code No Code into your web browser you will be inundated with articles, stats, opinions, advantages, disadvantages, and comparisons of the platforms available. It can be a lot. But as a business leader, it’s important to understand not just the technology (which is the easy part) but how these platforms can provide value to your business. With that thought in mind, let’s look at what Low Code No Code is and how you can best utilize these tools in your business.

What is Low Code No Code?

Low Code No Code platforms offer a way for those with little to no coding experience to quickly implement ideas. This is because they use graphical interfaces instead of the traditional computer programming configuration. A few leading platforms include:

  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Oracle Apex
  • AWS Amplify Studio
  • Microsoft Power Platform

What are the benefits of Low Code No Code?

Low Code No Code platforms offer:

  • Quick solutions
  • Agile work processes
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Seamless integrations with in-house tech

When thinking about Low Code No Code, you may think about What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors, which allow anyone to format content using tools like a menu bar that resembles the same menu bar you find in Microsoft Word. By clicking ‘bold,’ you now have bolded text. There is no coding required.

Ease of use’ is the most used (20%) positive word people use when describing Low Code No Code development platforms based on data collected from customer reviews for all Low Code No Code development platforms companies” – UserGuiding

Why are Low Code No Code platforms important to me?

Low Code No Code platforms are nothing new. But recently top tech companies, like Microsoft and Oracle, have invested heavily in them. This is because businesses are needing to accelerate their digital transformation strategy—and they need technology that aligns with their speed of ideation. Low Code No Code platforms allow these companies to experiment, build quick applications, and address specific time-sensitive needs.

If your company needs the ability to quickly implement new ideas, then using Low Code No Code platforms can greatly improve your digital strategies.

“Accelerating digital transformation is the top reason most IT leaders chose a Low Code platform, with 69% focusing on finishing the work of digital transformation.” – Outsystems

How will Low Code No Code platforms impact my IT team?

Most IT departments are inundated with requests. Most IT teams will thank you for taking the extra work off their plate. In fact, 80% of organizations that use Low Code or No Code platforms say their IT teams now have more time to focus on other projects.

However, one of the drawbacks of Low Code No Code is that there is some risk of lowered security. A quarter of all companies report this as a concern, so it is something you would want to discuss with your IT team.

How can I implement Low Code No Code at my company?

For companies of any size, following a systematic process will allow you to adopt this new workflow. This can look like:

1. Identify what teams would use the platform.

2. Create a success team, which should include:

  • a. One technology specialist
  • b. At least two representatives from each business unit that would like to adopt
  • c. A minimum of four total people in the success team

3. Build awareness of the platform.

4. Train the success team.

5. Create strong governance around platform usage.

Once this is done, bring in one to two business units and create use cases for those business cases. Create solutions, test, provide feedback, and enhance. After the process is repeated a few times, you can involve other units and create new business use cases.

What’s the next step in improving my business’s workflows?

Low Code No Code platforms are a great addition to your tool kit for rapid development and accelerating digital transformation. Learn more about Low Code No Code or connect with our experts to begin implementation at your company.

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