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Have you heard of Alexa for Business? Having one makes day to day tasks easy!

25 Jul, 2018


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What if you could minimize having to doing monotonous tasks, would you? Of course! You can maximize your time by eliminating these little tasks with Alexa for Business. Alexa can be everyone’s personal voice assistant, which can definitely be a cost effective solution to hiring multiple PAs.

Alexa, can you help me with calls, conferences, and presentations?

Have you ever had to be in a conference call and ended up spending 15 minutes searching through emails, notes, or your calendar to find the dial-in number or link? There is a simple solution to that – Hey Alexa, Start my meeting?An even better solutions is to ask Alexa to automatically dial you in to your conference calls. Also, at anytime, you can ask Alexa to call someone for you! If you are in an actual conference room, forget having to use a remote to control the equipment, simply ask Alexa to do it. For example, you can ask Alexa:
Alexa Graphic 2

Can Alexa help me at my desk?

Absolutely! Alexa can help keep you on track throughout the workday by tracking and reminding you of your to-do list. Do you sometimes have a mountain of emails to reply to, on top of having to set up events on your calendar? Well here comes Alexa to make your life easier. While you reply to all the emails, just talk to Alexa and ask to set up the meetings in your calendar. You can be replying to Ben’s email, but could be also asking Alexa to set up a meeting with Paige for next Wednesday at 1pm.

Do you hate trying to figure out what name or folder a document is stored under? A survey of 1200 workers, done by the International Data Corporation in June of 2012, revealed that Information worker and IT professionals spend an average of 4.5 hours a week searching for documents. Luckily, we have come a long way since June 2012. Alexa can eliminate that wasted time by finding the information/documents for you. For example, you can ask Alexa:

Alexa Graphic 3

Another useful feature is using Alexa to help clients or visitors. Alexa can be added to your company’s products or services to allow an enhanced and more personalized experience for the customer. 44% of US consumers say they will likely be repeat customers after a personalized shopping experience. Some of the other great benefits to this is creating a skill to see what is important to customers and having your brand be more visible to customers.  Furthermore, Alexa can help clients or your own employees find their destination in your office by providing directions.

Have you enjoyed what you’ve read? Are you ready to upgrade your organization with Alexa for Business?

Here is how you can do it:

So many of the functions above require a building a specific Alexa skill kit. The Alexa skill kit is tailored to the organization. By building this kit, you can create your own questions and commands that Alexa can respond to. Having an Alexa Skill kit is the ultimate way to get the most out of Alexa for business. It is the ultimate way to create a well-rounded personal assistant to help your employees.

At eBiz, we can build this Alexa skill kit for you! Here is a quick breakdown on how we do it.
With the Amazon Developer Console, we configure the intents (initial phrases), and design the user interface with a flow diagram to mimic natural conversation. Once this process is completed the skills are hosted through AWS Lambda (Amazon Web Services). The skills can be used without Alexa Store certification but only in Beta or Dev mode. To be made certified the skills need to meet the Alexa Store Requirements such as: policy guidelines, security requirements, functional test, user experience tests, etc.

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