The Boom of Voice Shopping and Amazon's Alexa

Statistics on Amazon’s Alexa and Voice Shopping

23 Jul, 2018


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How many of those households use their smart speaker for voice shopping?
About 36% or 5.91 million households make purchases regularly.

Alexa, How many households in the US have a smart speaker?
13% of US homes or 16.4 million households have a smart speaker enabled.

Alexa, How many of Alexas been sold?
At the end of Q3 in 2017, Jeff Bezos confirmed that over 20 million devices of me have been sold.

Alexa, What are the statistics on voice shopping?
There are many variations, would you like to know about revenue, industries, or sales categories?

All of them.

Currently, across the US and the UK, voice shopping generate $2 billion USD. It is expected to exponentially grow to $40 billion USD by 2022.

What about industries using a voice assistant?
Voice assistants are beginning to encroach on various industries. Voice assistants are already being used in industries such as: healthcare, fitness, entertainment, travel, automotive, and education.

Alexa, what do most people buy through voice shopping?
In order of highest percentage in a PwC survey of one thousand people, these are the products most people make through voice shopping: 34% takeout food, 31% Groceries, 24% books, 22% homecare items and electronics, 21% transportation, 16% Reservations, and 3% clothing.



Alexa, will having a voice assistant like you give my business a competitive edge? What are the advantages?

Yes – voice assistants are starting to integrate and normalize into everyday life. One of the best features of me, Alexa, is the ability to create a customized skill kit. A customized skill kit is a set of interactions/intents that are tailored to your organization. For example, if you are in the food industry, skills such as “Alexa, track my order” can be customized for your business. Some advantages of a tailored skill kit are: using the skill to identify what is important to customers, optimizing workflows, and overall increasing agility.

Alexa, What more can you do?

Find out more on Alexa Business Here.

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