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20 Sep, 2018


Justine Natuplag

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Office 365 Business Benefits – Accomplishing Everyday Tasks

Office 365 Business goes beyond the standard applications of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. With its ecosystem of over 30 applications, Office 365 offers a new efficiency and ease to the everyday work life. Let’s follow Emily and Robert accomplish their daily tasks with Office 365 Business.    


  • OneDrive:  

Emily & Robert: Both start their morning by reviewing their “Prospective Client” excel sheet. Emily does it through her tablet, while Robert reviews the sheet on his desktop. OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that can hold various types of files from excel sheets to Adobe application files. 

  • Outlook Calendar: 

Robert: He sets up a meeting for Tuesday with a prospective client and invites Emily to the meeting, so she can add it to her calendar. Outlook Calendar is part of the Outlook emailing services. Outlook can also sync with Skype for Business. 

  • Sway: 

Emily: She usually uses PowerPoint to create sales presentations. Although, this time she uses Sway because she wants to impress the client with a more interactive and stimulating presentation. She uploads the presentation to her OneDrive and shares it with Robert. Sway is a presentation creator that allows for more flexible design. 

  • Planner: 

Emily: After she finishes the presentation, she assigns Robert the task to look over the presentation before the meeting. 

Robert: He gets a notification on his phone about the task Emily assigned him. He reviews the presentation and marks “completed” on the planner app.  


  • OneDrive 

Emily: At the meeting, Emily pulls up the presentation from her cloud-storage.  

Robert: They landed the deal! On the way out, Robert opened OneDrive on his phone to edit their “Prospective Client” excel sheet.  

  • Word Online 

Robert: He uses Word Online to type up the final proposal for the client. With Word Online he does not need to worry about saving all his work. The application automatically saves all his work.  

  • Microsoft Flows: 

Robert: He sends the final proposal through a workflow to be approved by his managers. Microsoft Flows automates workflows. It can send documents to the appropriate people to gather signatures and other requirements.   


  • Outlook:  

Robert: He checks his email in the morning and sees the notification that his proposal has been approved. He emails the proposal to their client, and by the end of the day, he got a signed contract.  

  • Skype for Business:  

Emily: Through Outlook Calendar, she sets up another meeting with the client for Thursday. She also adds a Skype for Business link to host a video conference for their development team to join the meeting.   

  • Teams:  

Emily: She creates a project team channel to host future meetings, chat, and share documents, PDFs, presentations, excel sheets, and other documents. Teams is a chat-based collaborative work space. 


  • Skype for Business:  

The Development Team: While Emily and Robert were physically at the meeting, the development team joined via conference call.  

  • Teams & OneNote: 

Robert: During the meeting, Robert opens Teams on his laptop. Through the project team channel, he uses the OneNote tab to take meeting notes, which is accessible to all team members (Emily & the development team). 


  • MyAnalytics:  

Emily & Robert: At the end of the week, both use MyAnalytics to review their time tracking dashboard. MyAnalytics tracks work habits. For example, it can track and analyze time spent in meetings and emailing. 

  • Yammer: 

Emily & Robert: To celebrate the new client, they share the news on Yammer. Yammer is an enterprise social networking service and another major collaboration tool within Office 365 Business. 


Have you noticed the theme with Office 365The main theme is mobility. Every file created in Office 365 can be stored in each apps respective cloud storage orOneDrive. And because of that, a user can access and edit files from any device from anywhere. Some other notable Office 365 Business Benefits and themes are automatic saving, easy file sharing, and effective task, time, and project management.

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