Benefits of Salesforce CRM and What Exactly Does Salesforce Do?

Benefits of Salesforce CRM and What Exactly Does Salesforce Do?

06 Apr, 2020


eBiz Solutions

Did you know of all Fortune 100 companies, more than 88% of them utilize at least one Salesforce application? With over a 19% market share, Salesforce offers a variety of solutions to meet the specific needs of every business to benefit both the company and the customer.
Are you ready to join the growing number of companies that are utilizing the world’s leading CRM platform?
eBiz Solutions - Salesforce Implementation Partners_MomentSalesforce has a wide selection of programs that can be combined to create a personalized experience tailored to your specific industry. This includes services in the areas of marketing, engagement, commerce, analytics, service, and sales.

Salesforce offers enhanced account management and planning functionality, superior team collaboration and communication to provide more personalized client experiences and cloud accessibility. All of these improvements have led researchers to estimate that Salesforce has increased its user’s customer satisfaction by as much as 35%.

With options for any sized company ranging from locally owned businesses to large international corporations, Salesforce has programs that offer incredible benefits to help your company reach its greatest potential.

At eBiz Solutions, we provide expert knowledge and service for improved development and implementation of Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud. The key elements of our Salesforce implementation services include Strategy, Discovery, Data Migration, Sales and Cloud Service Setup, and Custom Development and Support.

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With enhanced integration services and the latest technology, eBiz Solutions can build secure integrations and seamlessly migrate all data from other systems into your custom Salesforce platform to improve business and increase sales.

Our Certified Salesforce Consultants are experts in integrating Einstein, Lightning and Customer 360 Platform and can collaborate with applications such as ERP, Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft and more.

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