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What is Salesforce Customer 360?

07 May, 2020


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With countless applications and programs used by today’s companies to manage various data, you often find that not all information is available to every department This causes confusion, anger and wasted time for both customers and employees. Customer 360 Platform is a Salesforce application that aims to solve this problem with all the built-in services like Mobile Device Apps; Einstein AI; Salesforce Blockchain, Shield, and Identity; App Builder; Lightning Flow; and Customer 360 Truth.

Almost 70% of customers expect a consistent customer service experience across departments, and with the capabilities of Customer 360 Truth, this is possible. Collecting and sorting data from all other platforms, this Customer 360 application creates a single source of truth for each customer, allowing employees to follow their personal journey with the company and create more targeted campaigns crafted to that particular customer’s preferences.

With prebuilt packages for some of the most common business to consumer situations, Salesforce Customer 360 improves employee efficiency and allows employees to provide a solution in much less time, creating more unified and personalized customer engagements.

How is Salesforce Customer 360 different from its competitors?

  • First, Customer 360 simply matches and connects data across all platforms, allowing the data to remain in its original location. This means that the data does not have to be constantly updated and does not require any changes be made to the existing platforms.
  • Second, this platform creates a unique global ID and profile for each customer and integrates data from sales, service, marketing and commerce to give a complete picture of the customer. This global ID is then used by all departments so that as your customer engages with your company, this data is seamlessly shared with all departments.
  • Third, there is a unique emphasis on the customer experience. By connecting all channels, employees are able to see the customer’s entire journey and to provide a more consistent experience between departments.

At eBiz Solutions, our Certified Salesforce Consultants can help you through the steps of developing, implementing, customizing and integrating your very own Customer 360 Platform.

 Our Certified Salesforce Consultants have years of experience in creating and providing personalized solutions for our clients and want to help you transform your customer experiences with the superior capabilities of Salesforce’s Customer 360 Platform.

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