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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Find more right leads, connect at a deeper level, and personalize the buyer experiences and create seamless customer journeys across all touchpoints to strengthen relationships and loyalty that empower sales teams. Keep abreast of the market trends

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How Can Dynamics 365 Marketing transform your marketing?

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    Real time customer engagement
    • Design, predict, and deliver content for B2B or B2C customers through the right channels in the physical or digital channels in the moment of customer interaction with personalized customer journeys.
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    Build and win customers loyalty faster
    • Design personalized customer journeys the cuts across marketing, sales, commerce, and service to provide a 360 degree view of customer experience.
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    Build AI driven personalized customer experiences
    • Use AI driven recommendations with dynamic, easy to use content editor to turn insights into relevant actions for content, channels, customer segmentation, and data analytics. Create personalized experiences with experimentation and optimizations tools.
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    Protect and build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform
    • With easy to customize and connect with existing tools like teams. Protect customer data and use built-in features to help with compliance requirements. Easily customize and connect with tools you already use to built natural-language segments and journeys, and engaging events with Teams.
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    Real-time customer journey orchestration capabilities now available
    • Drive meaningful customer interactions across digital and physical channels to create deeper relationships and achieve business success. Turn insights into AI-powered actions to transform customers into fans.

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