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  • Transcend Customer Expectation
  • Save more time for selling
  • Use insights for decisions
  • LoCode, NoCode to customize
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

In today’s rapidly changing buyer demands, fast-paced competitors, and sudden changes in business outlook, Dynamics 365 Sales solution helps the sales team to navigate efficiently aligning to the realities of the modern selling cycles. Dynamics 365 Sales will build stronger relationships, improve productivity and performance. Create a single view of customers in the buying journey.

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How Can Dynamics 365 Sales transform your sales?

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    Personalized Engagement
    • Get a 360 view of your customer interaction in sales cycle
    • Each sales person/sales managers can prioritize their high potential prospects
    • Delineate your important and high potential stakeholders
    • Personalize your communication emails through contextual sales information
    • Create personalized interactions with your clients
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    Enhanced Productivity
    • Be productive on the go with our without connectivity
    • Collaborate seamlessly as a team with your customers, coworkers, and consultants
    • Access anytime, anywhere, and any device all your relevant documents and create successful proposals and contracts
    • Save hours of training time by utilizing out of the box contextual guidance in real time
    • Eliminate time consuming, recurring, and repetitive tasks by automating your sales processes
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    Increased Performance
    • Create real time dashboards and reports to gain visibility of your pipeline
    • User real-time data to make better sales decisions
    • Gain real-time visibility into your pipeline with interactive dashboards and reports
    • Use integrated customer surveys to obtain strategic customer insights
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    Configured Customization
    • Use ready to use preconfigured tools to get immediate business goals
    • Use quick and easy Lo-Code, No-Code configuration tools to adapt your sales processes
    • Use single configuration process which supports multiple platforms and save time
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    Guided Setup
    • Use guided intuitive solution to get up and running in hours
    • Use your existing Office 365 settings to accelerate the setup process

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